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Gender Discrimination lawsuit Filed in New York City Against Proskauer Rose Law Firm


Rosenthal v. Proskauer Rose, 111343-11: Former CFO of Proskauer Rose, Elly Rosenthal, sued the law firm for $10 million for alleged gender discrimination in New York. Ms. Rosenthal claims that after 16 years of excellent performance, the law firm demoted her, denying her pay increases, then wrongfully terminated her employment after she took medical leave for breast cancer treatment. Plaintiff claims that the firm also replaced her with a man who was less qualified than she was.

Ms. Rosenthal further alleges that women are “conspicuously absent” from Proskauer’s leadership, and that the law firm experienced “unprecedented growth” and earned more than $675 million annually during her tenure as CFO.

Ms. Rosenthal was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, and took medical leave for treatment, including two surgeries. During her leave, her supervisor notified her that the firm would be reorganizing its administrative staff and that she would be assigned to a new position. Once she returned from medical leave, Ms. Rosenthal claims that she was placed in the newly created position of chief administrative financial officer – in which she was paid less and given less responsibility than had been provided in her previous position. Her supervisor then promoted a man to her previous position of CFO. Ms. Rosenthal alleges that her male replacement had been initially hired to be her subordinate in 2007, and that he did not possess her qualifications, as he was not a certified public accountant and had not lead a financial department. Further exacerbating the employment discrimination, Ms. Rosenthal alleges that when Proskauer moved to a new building near Times Square in New York City, she was relegated to a satellite office eight blocks away. Ms. Rosenthal claims that the law firm later wrongfully terminated her employment, even though she had never received a negative performance review.

Ms. Rosenthal sued the law firm for gender discrimination under the New York State Human Rights Law and the New York City Human Rights Law. She is seeking $10 million in compensatory and punitive damages, along with attorneys’ fees.
Proskauer denies all charges.

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