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So many uphill battles yes, but … Boy, have women come a long way!


Over the course of a decade, changes in social opinion and the economy led to significant advances in women’s roles in society and in history.

Major social changes between 1964 and 1974 allowed women to strive to be more than housewives and homemakers.

“This entire sex for the entire history of the world was regarded as an inferior class of having less rights and less opportunities, with no hope to choose their own destiny in life.

All of this changed in a 10-year period. The idea of fairness in the civil rights era was a key factor in women ascending in the public world.

After those 10 years, however, women still had a long way to advance in society; they were ridiculed, harassed and laughed at for thinking they could do jobs that men had occupied. Even though women were allowed an education, they still faced prejudice in the work place.

Moods began to change in the 1970′s and 1980′s when the economy required two incomes to finance homes and cars. As soon as the birth control pill became available, the rates of applications of women to medical school and law school broke barriers.

It is truly spellbinding to think what women have gone through for women like me to have the right.

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